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Southern Heritage Alerts: Serious Heritage Attack Brunswick, GA


Serious Heritage Attack Brunswick, GA




It was announced tonight before the crowd attending the Annual Lee/Jackson Supper of the Thomas Marsh Foreman SCV Camp # 485 of Brunswick, GA that a major heritage violation had taken place locally. It seems that sometime in December some one, or several someone's, took bricks and beat most of the writing off of the base of the Confederate War Memorial in Hanover Park located in downtown Brunswick. The sandstone and marble monument was erected with funds donated by the UDC/UCV in 1905/1906 and has a sandstone base which had various phrases and wording on all four sides in memoriam of the sacrifices of the heroic patriots who served the Confederate Cause. Much of this writing was beaten off by using several pieces of brick as battering devices. The Confederate soldier standing guard atop the monument is made of Italian marble and suffered only minor damage from the bricks that were thrown at him. This is only the second time in the past hundred years that this monument has suffered from vandalism, the first being (ironic to today's date) in early April 1968 following the assassination of ML King.

This monument is in a public park located in a lighted square on the line between the business district and the historic residential area of South Brunswick. This area is also now bordered by several public housing projects which are continuous areas of crime and drug related offences. The city has also just come out of a highly contested Mayoral race which ended up being focused more on the race of the 2 major opponents than the issues affecting the city. The former 2 term Mayor, Brad Brown, is a life member of the SCV and decided against running for a third term so that he can devote more time to his family and the SCV and other interests. Brown was recently verbally attacked by black mayoral candidate, Elaine Brown, who though born in Philadelphia, PA had recently moved to Brunswick to run for Mayor under the Green Party. Elaine Brown, who was also the highest ranking female leader of the Black Panthers in the 60s and 70s, declared publicly that then Mayor Brad Brown was a racist and a "Lt. Colonel in the Sons of Confederate Veterans". Ms Brown was declared unable to run for public office by a court decision in early October due to the fact that she had not lived in Brunswick for at least a year and that she had a dual residency in Atlanta where she also was registered to vote. Of course this ruling was declared a racist ploy by the local "Sea Island Confederates" (ironically most Sea Island residents are Yankee snow birds who only live there a few months of the year before returning home to the North) and when the opposing candidate, Brian Thompson (a white man), was elected it was declared that "another white boy" was given the seat of power over the female "African American". (Visit her website- for some enlightenment about modern Marxism and black racist views)

The attack on the Confederate monument has done irreparable and extensive damage to this monument to Southern American War Veterans and is a terrible loss to the local community and the state of Georgia as a whole. As the base is sandstone it is highly unlikely that the damage can be corrected or that the writing can be replaced. Due to the extensive damage and the high cost of any possible repairs to the monument the local Thomas Marsh Foreman SCV Camp # 485 is accepting financial donations. Any donation may be made to the Monument Repair Fund c/o SCV Camp #485 and Commander Scott Newbern at:

Comm. Scott Newbern
SCV Camp #485
7 Patton Dr.
Brunswick, GA 31520

Please address all e-mail communications to Commander Newbern at:

Further information as to the damage assessment and possibility of any repairs will be reported to this site as it becomes available.

Thank you and God Save Dixie DEO VINDICE!!

"My blood, my sweat, my tears, my life for my Cause!"

Sam Lyons, Commander
Lt. John M. Allen "Satilla Rangers"
SCV Camp #2085 Jesup/Wayne Co., GA


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