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Southern Heritage Alerts: Georgia Power a Southern Company??


Georgia Power a Southern Company??

It ain't welcome!

I and several of my friends have been camping since about 1983 at a GA. power company parks on lake Oconee twice each year. We have always displayed the Confederate flag and the American flag as some of us are veterans and we all have Confederate ancestors we never encountered any problem until last week at Old Salem park on Oconee.
I posted both the American and confederate flags on my camper awning and my friend Cary Parker posted a confederate flag between two trees on his lot and also a Confederate flag on the front of his camper, for the first seven days we had no problem. On the eight day we were approached by the camp host Chuck Swanson and told we had two choices remove the Confederate flags or leave the park. We informed him we were not going to remove the flags and were not ready to leave.

We then contacted by phone Lee Glenn who is a vice president of GA. power in charge of that area explaining what had occurred he concurred with Swanson that the flag was "offensive" and should be removed. At that time we asked if there had been any complaints and he advised no. We asked about vehicles we had seen in the park displaying Confederate tags and was told this was not "in your face like the flag" and they were on the private property of the owners. Taking this information and in the spirit of cooperation we removed the flag located between the two trees but left the two on our campers thinking we had complied with their request. On Friday while we were fishing Lee Glenn drove from his office located at the Hale branch office on lake Sinclair at which time he and Swanson took down the two flags from our campers.

We as a lot of people do have ancestors who were Confederate veterans and have always flown the colors in honor of their service and sacrifice especially this time of year during Confederate history month. I fly the Confederate flag in honor and respect for my gggrandfathers Bryant E. Nobles 6th GA. infantry Twiggs county guards shot Sept. 17, 1862 at Sharpsburg died Sept 19, 1862 Sharpsburg, Isaac Job Horton wounded chancellors and later at Bentonville, Henry Hover 28th siege artillery Baldwin county, Cornelius Youngblood 6th GA. infantry, Jasper Jeff Spivey 57th GA. infantry and William Jackson 57th GA. infantry died Danville KY. 1862.

We also have ancestors and relatives who fought under the American flag supposedly ensuring our right to certain freedoms, but now it seems our history is being forgotten will eventually be illegal, until that occurs we intend to continue to fly both flags the Confederate and American and intend to do so at GA. power parks since we have violated no law or park rule. I bring this to your organizations attention in hopes something may be done to correct this situation. I have never been a member of any organization but now see I need to and will and intend to recruit as many people as I possibly can. Any assistance your organization can provide is appreciated.

Herbert "Pete" Horton
Eatonton, GA.

Contact Info:

Georgia Power Parks in Greene County

Old Salem Park (706) 467-2850
1530 Old Salem Rd.
Greensboro GA 30642
(888) 472-5253
(706) 485-8704

Georgia Power a Southern Company
241 Ralph McGill Boulevard NE
Atlanta, GA 30308


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