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Southern Heritage Alerts: Of Extreme Importance!


Of Extreme Importance!

As you are aware, the Florida Division's giant flag-raising in Tampa
has generated a lot of interest in the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Following the first flag raising, we have received 17 straight days
of national news coverage, including 6 national market radio talk
show interviews, about 12 television reports on local stations and
national TV coverage on ABC, CNN and FOX. ABC News, NY was the
first national media outlet to break the story. Nearly every newspaper
from Miami to Chicago has printed multiple stories on the project.

Even a newspaper in Poland called for an interview. For at least a week,
talk radio shows across the country were weighing in on this issue. We
were recently informed by the media, that the Tampa Flags Across Florida
project will be a major issue in the Presidential Elections, as
candidates will be asked about it when they campaign in Florida.

A reporter for FOX NEWS Miami, named Orlando Salinas came to Tampa
and did a story about the flag, the SCV and the "alleged controversy".
His report was not only fair and balanced, it probably could be described
as "pro-Confederate".

Mr. Salinas is a "Shenandoah Valley" native with sympathies towards our
Cause. His video report included an opening sequence showing African
Americans and SCV members raising our flag in Tampa on Flag Day. It
includes interviews with several African American supporters, including
SCV compatriot Nelson Winbush. Mr. Salinas interviewed both sides of
this issue, but his report questions the common notion that the flag is
simply racist. Salinas made a special effort to report the

Salinas' piece was to have run tonight on FOX NEWS as a special story
on Britt Hume's 6-7pm EST segment. It now appears that FOX management
in New York is afraid to run this story, and intend to let it die.
It seems that TRUTH and FAIRNESS make the producers "uneasy". We were
told that one FOX NEWS director actually insisted that any story had to
paint the flag as "racist".

The Florida Division needs your help. We are asking that each of you and
your friends contact
FOX NEWS NEW YORK and POLITELY ask the following:

Please call FOX NEWS at: (202) 824-6300 (ask the receptionist for the
Producer of the Britt Hume show)
or e-mail them at: and

Please do this as soon as possible. The longer the story is delayed,
the closer it comes to getting killed permanently.



John W. Adams
Co-chmn, Flags Across Florida Program
1st Lt. Cdr. FL Division


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