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Southern Heritage Alerts: Georgia Power dragging their feet


Georgia Power dragging their feet

They think this will be forgotten. NOT!!

Read it HERE

It is suggested to maintain the same level of phone calls and emails as before. Keeping up the skeer during this 30 day period is essential.

Georgia Power Company
241 Ralph McGill Boulevard NE
Atlanta, GA 30308


Contact HERE

Dear folks, I would strongly suggest a dual track approach here.

Besides having individuals contacting them it is imperative that they see some groups and orgs weighing in. And not only local but even statewide and national groups. This really rattles them a lot more. It shows them that you are connected to the community and can deploy support.

If the 'other side' demonstrates this and we don't...well I can kind of give you a hint which way they are going to lean on any areas where they feel they have wiggle room. They will be effected by where they feel they will get the worst PR and look bad in the community. That is the sad state of affairs we are still in.

First up should be all the local vet org chapters, and then the state level, also. Making them aware of these hassles is something we need to see where they stand anyway, and this looks like a good case to test them out on.

Jim Dean
Gordon Camp #46


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