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Southern Heritage Alerts: Vandalism done to the Confederates Soldier's Memorial


Vandalism done to the Confederates Soldier's Memorial

Pictures of the vandalism done to the Confederates Soldier's Memorial in Hanover Park in downtown Brunswick, GA.

The base of the shaft and the writing on it were attacked with bricks and much of the writing was beaten off. The cowardly thugs that did this were hidden from view by the azalea bushes surrounding the monument, these will be removed soon. This damage was done in late Dec. to early Jan. In the photo of the soldier's statue you can see a piece of the brick sticking out that is still laying at his feet...I know that old soldier surely wished he could've kicked it off on to their heads when this happened. As you view the photos you can see that the white spots on the monument and the writing are the chips that have been broken out of the sandstone. This is irreplaceable and as it is sandstone may not be able to be repaired sufficiently.

The photos do not do justice to the injustice this old hero has faced. We are still working on getting the city to do more to protect this monument and are also working on finding a reputable company to give us an estimate of the cost of what ever repairs may be able to be done including cleaning as you can tell is badly needed.

I will do my best to keep you all posted as things progress on this issue. This time we were lucky that they only beat the monument with bricks, next time it may be worse.

While the local ghetto and "hood" encroaches on this monument the old hero continues to stand guard and we will continue to do our utmost to stand picket for his protection.

God save the South. DEO VINDICE
Sam Lyons, Commander SCV Camp #2085

Sam Lyons, Commander
Lt. John M. Allen SCV Camp #2085
Past Comm. SCV Camp #2022
"Coastal Flaggers - Let Georgia Vote!"

"We could not have pursued any other course without dishonour. And sad as the results have been, if it had all to be done over again, we should be compelled to act in precisely the same manner."
~ Gen, Robert E. Lee CSA

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Serious Heritage Attack Brunswick, GA


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