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Southern Heritage Alerts: C.S.S. Hunley & Supporter Under Attack!


C.S.S. Hunley & Supporter Under Attack!

Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 17:46:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Stephen Quick
Subject: Hunley under attack

A journalist at The State newspaper in Columbia has launched an all out assault on the Hunley, its costs and the good senator (Glen McConnell) who has been directing its future. The SCV, especially people from out of state (especially those of us up north) need to write The State and express our excitement about the project and our plans to visit it when complete.

The scalawag can himself be reached at We need to bombard that rag with as many emails and letters as possible...need to make a point that we are writing from north of the Mason-Dixon. If your blood pressure can stand it read what has been written in "The Snake" ( as The State newspaper is called down there) and send a letter to the editor. As the commander of the largest camp north of the Mason-Dixon if you can get this ball rolling its bound to get noticed.

To Arms?
Steve Quick

The Hunley
Government by Stealth

The State's series examining how one state senator steered millions to a pet project, outside the public arena + Read on

Sen. Glenn McConnell in Charleston in 2004, when he and thousands of other Civil War re-enactors escorted the Hunley crew members’ remains to a grave site in Magnolia Cemetery.

Contact the Good Sen. McConnell...Thank him for his efforts.
(803) 212-6610

Journalist JOHN MONK


The State, newspaper in Columbia
P.O. Box 1333,
Columbia, SC 29202
(800) 888-5353


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