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Southern Heritage Alerts: Major Alert, Confederate License Plates


Major Alert, Confederate License Plates

Jim Philips
NOTICE: "I know where "YOU CAN STICK" the stars and bars" Now removed from article... Still full of slander.... PoP

Dear Chuck & SHNV,

Please help us here in Florida!

There is a push for a Sons of Confederate Veterans license plate -- which has been met with the usual resistance. But...this Jim Philips loud-mouth liberal has expressed his uneducated opinions in the wrong way. (the local NBC station in Orlando) had recently placed a survey on their site concerning the SCV plate. His comments are in response to that survey, but unfortunately WESH did not provide any counter-opinions to the issue. Let's rally some support for this noble cause!

Jim Philips Commentary
Confederate License Plates

He is employed by Real Radio 104.1 FM Seems this N.Y. carpetbagger don't want mail!
When one slanders, they should be required to post their E-mail address! Please contact his boss:

Program Director, Att: Katherine Brown

Station Address:
2500 Maitland Center Parkway, Suite 401
Maitland, Florida 32751
(407) 916-7800
Phone: (407) 916-1041
Toll Free: 1 (888) 978-1041
Fax: (407) 916-7511

Also, please contact and ask them to provide balanced reported
(i.e. -- both sides of the story) in the future!

Keepin' The South Alive,

~Randy & Julie~
Longwood, FL

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