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Southern Heritage Alerts: Southern Fried Hockey??


Southern Fried Hockey??

Slippery subjects, and not just hockey
Steve Ford, Staff Writer

Southern fried hockey? Celebratory tailgate parties in sizzling parking lots after the hometown team wins the Stanley Cup are part of the twist that North Carolina fans have put on this scintillating sport from the frozen north. But perhaps the ultimate sign of cultural cross-fertilization was when the Carolina Hurricanes' victory parade in downtown Raleigh wound up at the state's principal Civil War monument -- the one inscribed, "To Our Confederate Dead." ~ Ford... I think Ford's article is, carpetbagger HOCKY!

They mounted a stage where Hillsborough terminates at the Capitol grounds. The monument -- with the statue of a solitary soldier atop a tall spire -- became the backdrop to the ceremony. Had the glistening Stanley Cup ever been hoisted in such a conspicuously un-Northern setting? ~ Ford...What about Ford's un-Southern rant?...I guess that's OK, him being a carpetbagger and all!...PoP

Steve Ford has been The News & Observer's editorial page editor since 1989.... He grew up in Virginia and lives in Cary. Notice it don't say born.

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Steve Ford can be reached at 929-820-4512 or HERE

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