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Southern Heritage Alerts: UP-DATE Stonewall Street Battle


UP-DATE Stonewall Street Battle

Stonewall Street Battle

The City Council of Charlotte, NC is going to bring up (again) at their meeting on Monday the re-naming of Stonewall Street to MLK. The politically correct keep saying that "Stonewall" was not named for General Jackson so they can get around renaming restrictions. We know it clearly was. They even got a map which they claim was from 1855 with the name Stonewall on it. The "PC" bunch says that proves the street was named prior to Jackson being known as Stonewall. The problem however is that this "1855" map as they call it has four streets in downtown Charlotte named for Confederate Officers (Vance, Hill, Moorehead and Stonewall) They just refuse to answer questions about this or to acknowledge that their map is bogus.

We are asking you to contact the city council one more time and tell them to leave the name of STONEWALL STREET just as it is. The names and emails are below.

Send this to all your contacts an ask them to do the same. Thank you for your assistance!

Mayor Pat McCrorie

Members Who Originally Voted to Delay the Vote and Consider Other Sites

Patrick Mumford

Don Lochman

John Lassiter

Nancy Carter

Patsy Kinsey

Warren Turner

Andy Dulin

Members Who Originally Voted To Remove the name “Stonewall Street”

Susan Burgess

Anthony Foxx

James Mitchell

Michael Barnes

Thanks Brock!


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