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Southern Heritage Alerts: We and our ancestors will be remembered


We and our ancestors will be remembered

Raising the Roofs
(WARNING: Adult language)
See this assault HERE

"The resulting clash of cultures is predictable: West Coast liberalism vs. Red State retardation." Bill Gibron...A big city Chi-Town (Chicago) boy transplanted to the tourist trap known as Tampa, Florida. This clown looks much better for playing one of the below.

"They have chosen the Southern white as the focal scapegoat of our time. This in, politics, media, comics, literature, film and television; dealing with religion, race relations, work and lifestyle in defining Southern whites. The Southron which represents faith, country, pride of heritage, hard work, kinship loyalty, traditional values and way of life is being trampled on by "those people" that hate us so.

America's South is losing it's regional distinctiveness by progress, the PC crowd and appeasement of minorities. Society is demoralizing the Southern people through typecasting as stupid, rednecks and hillbilly's. Yet America is destroying a part of itself that should have been left alone, let go, explored and listened to. Because of the guilt and questioning which his/her existence creates in the world of the un-Godly, do-gooders and PCer's. Many Southron feel inadequate and orphaned in their own land!!!

"Those people" preach we should practice tolerance. Well I think we have practiced too much tolerance for too long!!! We have been so tolerant we are losing our past and future! We have let our children become second class citizens in their schools. They have been forced to be ashamed of themselves and their heritage! If we do not correct this, they will grow-up never knowing the truth and our future as a distinct ethnic people is doomed!...We and our ancestors , will be remembered as the redneck hicks Hollywood and others have made us look!"...PoP

Contact; Bill Gibron

Bill Gibron Website
is an international magazine of cultural criticism.

Founder, Editor & Publisher
Contact: Sarah Zupko

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