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Southern Heritage Alerts: Confederate Kook Still Smarts Under Civil War "Occupation"


Confederate Kook Still Smarts Under Civil War "Occupation"

The following open letter to Mr. Rush Limbaugh will appear in the
Wednesday, December 20, 2006, issue of the "Southeast
Missourian," in Cape Girardeau, MO which is
Mr. Limbaugh's hometown.

Open Letter to Mr. Rush Limbaugh
"I'll have this argument with you any time you want."
-- Rush Limbaugh, December 4, 2006
Dear Mr. Limbaugh:

My name is John Long, I live in Shreveport Louisiana. On 12-4-06,
I was a caller on your radio show. You later referred to me on your
website as a "Confederate Kook." However, Mr. Limbaugh, if you
are so confident about your beliefs, then I challenge you to an on-air
debate concerning the events of the US Conflict of 1861 to 1865,
and the policies and true beliefs of your hero, Abraham Lincoln.

For the honor of my Confederate Ancestors,

John Long, Shreveport, LA

"Truth needs no defence, only exposure, but a lie hides behind
a mask that must be defended." -- Southern Proverb


Today on his radio show Rush Limbaugh spent the last half hour calling Lincoln a "great President" and defending the actions of War Criminal/Arsonist/Rapist William T. Sherman, a brave Patriot from Louisiana called in to tell Limbaugh the truth of the matter and Limbaugh acted as if the gentleman was insane. The following link is to the transript and a very anti-Confederate article:

Please join me in educating Mr. Limbaugh by writing to him at

I also hope you will join me in a boycott of his show and his sponsors until an apology is issued.

William Potter
ScotWatch International
Jefferson Republican Party, Alabama


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