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Southern Heritage Alerts: Antique Firearms Stolen


Antique Firearms Stolen

Help, Please

Ladies & Gentlemen,

A compatriot and collector in my brigade was robbed. Many items, particularly antique firearms, were stolen from his home. Since SCV members and reenactors will be a likely market for these items, please be on the lookout for them. Please forward this e-mail to anyone or any list that you think would be helpful. If you have any information about them, please contact me below. Here is a list of the stolen firearms:

1- 75 cal. Pedersoli (Flintlock) Brown Bess type Indian trade musket 30” barrel

1- 58 cal. Model 1853 Euroarms 3 band Enfield (percussion)

1- 58 cal. Model 1841 Mississippi rifled musket (has a small chip on forestock) (Zoli)

1- 56 cal. Hawkens type smoothbore Thompson center arms type trigger guard

2- 69 cal. Model 1847 Armisport Springfield Muskets

2- 20 ga. Pedersoli double barrel shotguns

1- 12 ga. CVA double barrel shotgun (has hose clamp holding barrels to forestock) poor boy type no buttplate.

1- 12 ga. Navy arms type double barrel shotgun

1- 12 ga. Pedersoli double barrel “Coach gun” shotgun short barrels

1- 58 cal. Euroarms Cook & Brother Artillery type musketoon

2- 36 cal. Model 1851 Brass frame Colt revolvers

2- 44 cal. Model 1847 Colt revolvers

1- 44 cal. 3rd Model Dragoon Colt revolver 16 or 18 inch barrel

1- 44 cal. Double barrel Corsair pistol

1- 36 cal. Smooth bore single shot pistol

1- 44 cal. Brass frame Remington revolver 12” barrel (Wyatt Erpp type)

1- 22 cal. Winchester Model 67 bolt action rifle

1- 22 cal. Beretta auto pistol

Thanks for your help,

Joe Warnke, Dawsonville, GA
2nd Brigade Commander, Georgia Division, SCV


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