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Southern Heritage Alerts: Latest Yellow Dirt article


Latest Yellow Dirt article

Contact the Sheriff
Ross Henry

As why no charges, arrest or investigation!

Multiple crimes were committed, admitted to openly in the media. Calls for justice are growing daily.

Heard Co. Commission Chairman admits knowing the guilty was a male. Veterans Day came and went without a single apology, any restitution, and no arrests. Once upon a time Sheriff Henry told the Sons of Confederate Veterans he supported us, and if there was anything we ever needed, just call. Sheriff, we know your phone has been ringing quite a bit.....

Development in confederate flag controversy
by Carole Scott, StarNews

The latest development in the Yellow Dirt Baptist Cemetery saga that began in early October 2011 when a member of the Webb family, whose ancestor, Confederate veteran J. P. Shelnutt, is buried there, reported that Confederate flags placed the graves of Shelnutt and other Confederate veterans had been removed, is an admission by Georgia Power Company spokesperson Mark Williams that Georgia Power does not, as it had believed, own the cemetery.

According to Williams, "After completing a title search and survey, we concluded that there are portions of the property in question that are owned by the Webbs. We will continue to control access to the site, since it is within plant grounds." (In order to build Plant Wansley, property completely surrounding the cemetery was purchased decades ago by Georgia Power.) Previously Georgia Power had justified the removal of the flags on the basis of them being offensive to some of its employees.

After learning that the flags had been removed, members of the Haralson Invincibles, Sons Of Confederate Veteran's Camp #673, replaced the flags. Subsequently these flags were removed and replaced. According to a report in the "Heard County Citizen" after the Invincibles' initial replacement of the flags, Georgia Power spokesperson Konswello Monroe said "Yes, we did remove those flags that were put up October 8, and we will be monitoring. If they are put back up we will remove them once again."

Sons of Confederate Veterans member and historical researcher Earnest Everett Blevins of Villa Rica says that Georgia Power "only recognizes part of the Webbs' issues but none of the other issues raised. They do not apologize, especially after beating their chest quite loudly about how they believe they own and they will control it and what goes on in it. They do not report the names of those responsible for the theft of the first flags, never returned nor paid restitution for, nor the second flags. They do not acknowledge that, despite the fact they have a legal department, they did not know it was illegal to remove grave goods."

Blevins believes that it is “unlikely a quiet admission is going to satisfy all the parties now involved,” all of whom are "citizens of Georgia who wish to see laws on the books enforced. If these laws are not enforced, this type of activity will continue unpunished, if not here, then elsewhere. This is a clear case of violating the laws, which are widely published in the local media, on line, and legal libraries."

At its October 25, 2011 meeting, the Heard County Board of Commissioners discussed the theft of the flags. (The majority of the Plant Wansley property is in Heard County.) Blevins believes that the Heard County sheriff's office "must pursue" this case. However, he says that "the Sheriff's office seems to not want to investigate until some names are given although I and others think that is their job. After all, if someone broke into your house and stole your flags, would they investigate only after you gave them names?"

Billy Bearden


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