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Southern Heritage Alerts: Protester Fashion Alert


Protester Fashion Alert

I consider the below by Bro. T. Warren, an alert, as we are so buried in the past, we're destroying our future as Confederates.

When protesting, at Southern rallies, meetings with the press, or government officials...We should dress in appropriate attire. Presenting ourselves as living in the 19th century at the above gives those people ammunition "saying we want to live in the past". The re-enactors have their place, re-enacting and duty as honour guard.

Are we saying that we are wanting to revive the past or save it!...Don't relive it, save it!!

From The Southern American

We are, our own worst enemies... GB/PoP



T. Warren's Wisdom


It is no secret that in 2006 we witnessed an unprecedented number of heritage attacks all across the South and beyond the Mason Dixon Line as well. I view any attack upon our heritage serious and worthy of a fight. However, there is one issue weighing heavier on my mind than any other at this time.

Being a most proud member of the Georgia Division, I am exceptionally concerned about a lack of a Lee Day Parade in Hellanta.
It is my understanding that Ted Turner will no longer allow the Lee Day parade to start at Turner Field as it had in the past and that a less than perfect location has been suggested. So what........who needs Turner for a place of assembly ? Where a march begins is minor in importance, more pressing issues are the number in attendance, their manner of behaviour during the parade , and where the parade ends should be the most pressing issues.

Now I know there are some who are thinking to themselves " wait a minute Warren what makes you think you know so much about organizing a parade or march?" My answer is simply, since 1969 I have participated in and organized more than one march and or parade. Some have been quite large, in fact a couple were large enough to capture the attention of National Geographic, and media personalities such as Connie Chung, Larry King and Don Imus, to name but three.

Living here so far from my beloved Georgia, simply put "sucks", however, it does provide the opportunity for me to " be able to see the forest through the trees", a opportunity that my Georgia brothers and sisters do not have available to them. In this day and age "image is everything" and that is the point and suggestion I wish to make with this post.

No one is more proud to dawn a grey uniform at a Confederate function than I. The same can be said when I put on my skins for a American Indian function. Yet, I believe there are times and places for a different image in regards to our heritage fights.

We have all been taught it is wrong to judge a book by it's cover; and no statement holds more truth. However, books and people are judged by outward appearance daily. For all the glory and grandeur that a legion in grey provides, the media plays it in the same old manner each and every time.........." a bunch of kooks who are still trying to live and fight a war some 140 years past".
That war is in the past, we need be concerned more with the war raging against Southern Culture today and one that will likely continue long into the future.

Here is just my opinion and my opinion alone for whatever little it is worth. Bite the bullet as to where a Lee Day Parade originates, do as much recruiting as is possible to draw a large number of properly behaved marchers (yes I know folks have to work) but isn't our heritage worth the loss of a partial workday? MY final suggestion instead of everyone dawning their beloved Confederate uniforms, put on your Sunday best instead. Let the media see first hand and record for prosperity, that the ranks of true modern Southern soldiers are not living in the past, but a educated and gifted faction that is made up of Drs. attorneys, pastors, various professionals, and hard working labourers that make up the backbone of America.

If you think it dishonourable for there to be no Confederate uniforms visible, then attire the Colour Guard in uniform, and let a legion of suits follow in smart step behind them. You might be surprised as to how different the parade comes off visibly. I am far from being a wise man, I certainly haven't all the answers, but, I do have more than my share of experience in protests, marches, and parades. Back in 1988 when American Indian issues were the hot topic here in the land of lincoln, I spoke to a closed session of the House.....alone and out numbered. to say the least.

I am quite sure they were expecting some skin wearing drunken heathen. What they got was an educated, well groomed, activist wearing a fine Italian suit (borrowed yes, but they weren't aware of that fact. They originally stipulated I had fifteen minutes of their time, they gave me an hour. End result..... That evening I was at the Gov's mansion for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony and was invited to stand in the reception line. I made more contacts in that one day than I had in the entire previous year and victory was but a couple months away.

Thanks for letting me express my opinion, I hope someone thinks it worthy of a second thought.

For the Cause and the Charge given us by SD Lee and for the memory and honour of all our ancestors, I remain,

T Warren Bridgeport Illinois
Heritage Officer Camp 2022 GA Div.


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