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Southern Heritage Alerts: Talk about HATE!


Talk about HATE!

----- Original Message -----
From: Billy Bearden
Stereotypes squared at Allen Central

To: Freedom Demastus
Cc: PoP, The Southern American
Sent: Saturday, December 23, 2006 7:49 AM
Subject: Cannon fire requested in this direction

This was one of hundreds of nasty emails that Connie Slone of the ACHS fight received. Could y'all take the time and show this idiot some good ol fashioned Demastonion love? Thanx!

Do you think that students should wave nazi flags at sporting events to show pride? How about mexican flags to support mexican students at sporting events? Maybe you should invite an exchange student from iran to attend your school, and let him wave an iranian flag, of course to show pride. When will you southern folks let go of the sterotypical back country way of life and realize that you still causing harm to innocent people that only 60 years ago where treated like un-humans. If that is what you want to accomplish, do not change your ways. But when the rest of america considers the south of bunch of country backward bumbkins, that do nothing but make more white trash babies, and hang black people on the weekends for fun, you'll know why.. It time to move on!! let go of the dumb flag, join the party and become an American citizen.. It's a better flag anyway, the whole x thing is kinda of ugly, just like racism.

stephen gregshin

Names, mailing addresses and phone numbers of Duval County School Board members and School Superintendent Dr.
Joseph Wise:

Mailing address for all: 1701 Prudential Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32207
Telephone #s: (904) 390-2217 or (904) 390-2298 or (904) 390-2885

Stay on top of the School Board's agenda for their meetings by
going HERE

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