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Southern Heritage Alerts: A brother in need!


A brother in need!


Greetings Southern Ladies and Gentlemen -- I would appreciate it so much if you would forward this along to one and all. This is a lovely man who supports our Cause 100%. His situation is critical and he could use even just $1 from everyone we touch with an e-mail. (Yes, he is African-American, and yes his ancestors fought for the Confederacy!)

Rev. Walker being welcomed as an associate member of Wm. B. Bate Camp 34 in Gallatin, TN.

Reverend Early Walker, an associate member of the William B. Bate Camp 34 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans was seriously injured in an auto accident on U.S. Highway 231 near Bethpage in which his daughter, LaToya, was killed on December 23, 2006.

Reverend Walker remains in assisted living following the accident and a subsequent heart attack and stroke and continues to be in our prayers.

In addition to his activities with the Bate Camp, Reverend Walker is a First Lieutenant in the National Defense Force and a Confederate re-enactor with the Porter Battery.

His ancestors bravely fought for the Confederacy having enlisted in Macon County, Tennessee.

Due to this accident, the family suffers serious financial problems and contributions would be greatly appreciated. The William B. Bate Camp has contributed $500 toward these expenses which include unpaid funeral expenses for Reverend Walker's daughter.

Additional contributions can be made to the LaToya Walker Fund at Regions Bank.

For additional information, call Randy Lucas at 615-451-1013.

You may send even the smallest contribution to attorney Lucas at 111 College Street, Gallatin, TN 37066 and be assured it will get to Rev. Walker.

Donna Hartley Lucas
Bonnie Blue Ltd


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