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Southern Heritage Alerts: March 2006


Student Suspended For Waving Confederate Flag

Mexican flag OK, Confederate flag not:

At Grace Davis High School in Modesto, students held a rally on Monday, but when student Dustin McGregor help up a Confederate flag to counter-protest, he was suspended for five days.
Story HERE

1200 W. Rumble Road
Modesto, CA.95350 - 2139

Jeff Albritton

Associate Principal/Curriculum
Scott Genzmer

Assistant Principal/Dean of Students
Richard Baum


3 Television Circle
Sacramento, CA 95814-0794
(916) 446-3333


Battle flag won’t fly

(Catoosa News/File photo)

The controversial Confederate battle flag will not fly above the Ringgold Depot for Confederate History Month in April.

The City Council voted to remove the Confederate battle flag at the Ringgold Depot in March 2005.

A number of members of the "we wants" community brought the issue before the City Council on Feb. 14, 2005. They described the flag as a symbol of hatred and said it should be removed.

The Hardee/Cleburne flag will remain at the Depot despite a request to fly the battle flag for the month of April. (Catoosa News/Terry Pennington)


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Suffolk's Mayor Cancels Confederate History Month

Story HERE

Mayor Bobby L. Ralph
Post Office Box 1858
Suffolk, VA 23439
(757) 923-2023
Fax: (757) 538-1025
The phone number is for the switchboard.
Simply ask to be connected to the Mayor's office.

Suffolk's City Council website:

Email the Council:

Send a Letter to the Editor for the Suffolk News-Herald:

It might be best that each of you represent yourselves as private citizens just expressing your opinions. But if you do inform the Mayor or Newspaper of your SCV affiliation, please do so in the spirit of Robert E. Lee. Bad press can work against us.

Yours in Southern bonds,

Keith Morris
Adjutant, Tom Smith Camp


Rants of another idiot

Confederate Symbols Lie!

"My message to the white southerner: GROW UP. Your attitude is disgraceful. Take advantage of the wave of prosperity in the region and the surplus of Northern ex-patriots in your midst. Start remembering the Confederacy fiasco as an unfortunate error on your part which we kindly helped you correct."...Gregory Davenport

Read Gregory's stupidity HERE


Ozie Hall still telling his lies in Greenville, NC.!

The statue erected in 1914 honors fallen confederate soldiers.

Writing today in the Greenville (NC) Reflector, Hall claims that the monument is "a rallying point for white supremacists and other extremist groups...South invaded North??"

Story HERE

A forum is provided for your comments/debate HERE

E-mail Editor HERE

Lee County needs to re-examine link to Confederate General R.E. Lee

"With the influx of northerners and Latino immigrants, Lee County has lost its character as a bastion of Southern culture and values. Yet the symbolism lives on, both in the county's name and in the portrait of General Robert E. Lee in Confederate gray uniform that hangs behind our county commissioners. I believe it is time to re-examine the appropriateness of that symbolism"...REDING

In other words, give up our heritage for dang yankees and wetbacks!...PoP

View this article on the web site HERE

Senior Fellow for Hemispheric Affairs
Director, Project for Global Democracy and Human Rights

Contact Information:


The News-Press


Actually, the Civil War was about slavery

Ozie Lee Hall, Jr.
March 07, 2006
Letter to the Editor, The East Carolinian, Greenville, NC

Read it HERE

A response needed...Please post your feedback while there!


Southern Heritage Groups are Upset

They Should Be!!


The Confederate flag is gone from Amherst County's official seal. It's been a year-and-a-half since the flag was quietly "SECRETLY" removed from the seal.

Story HERE

Scalawags who sit on the county government

Tom W Fore
District 1 Supervisor, Chairman
(434) 946-5324

Vernon L Wood
District 2 Supervisor
(434) 946-7984

Joseph T Albert
District 3 Supervisor
(434) 384-3973

Ray Vandall
District 4 Supervisor, Vice Chairman
(434) 929-4549

The Racist Instigator,
Leon J Parrish

District 5 Supervisor Said:
The image of the flag was erased without citizen "ONLY THE WE WANTS FROM HIS DISTRICT" input to avoid controversy.

“I don’t think that the county should be promoting anything that’s offensive to anyone,” said Parrish. He said he proposed the resolution after receiving requests to do so from residents of District 5, which he represents.

Confederate Suit Imminent

The suit is being filed on behalf of some students at Tennessee's William Blount High School over the school's policy which, they say, prevents them from expressing their southern heritage.

Story HERE

Contact the above Board Members HERE

For additional information, contact:

Roger McCredie
(828) 669-5189
(828) 301-5452 (cell)