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Southern Heritage Alerts: August 2011


Save Our Flags - Lexington





A Southron with grits!

Activist Wants Confederate Statue Returned To Downtown Reidsville


Funkhouser said he was asked by police Friday morning to move off of the roundabout and onto a sidewalk. He stood firm in his position stating that it was public property. As of noon Friday, he remained in front of the empty pedestal.

Contact the below and support our Brothers efforts!

Reidsville City Hall
230 W. Morehead Street, Reidsville, NC 27320
(336) 349-1030 or (336) 349-1035
(336) 342-3649 (fax)

City Counci contact info:

James K. Festerman
Fax: (336) 616-0850

Tom Balsley
Mayor Pro Tem
Fax: (336) 394-4576

Richard B. Johnson
Fax: (336) 342-3106

John H. Henderson
Fax: (336) 634-1205

W. Clark Turner
Fax: (336) 634-0791

George O. Rucker
Fax: (336) 349-2873

Joan M. Zdanski
Fax: (336) 342-6158


Pro-Confederacy speaker dropped from grant request

Read story HERE

The speaker??.........H.K. Edgerton

Festival organizers had originally requested funds for keynote speaker H.K. Edgerton.

He's a black writer who maintains that numerous slaves fought alongside their masters in the war. ... the commission's chairwoman, says the festival's revised application doesn't mention Edgerton.

Support our Brother HK HERE

City of Charleston W. VA.

(304) 526-2798
(800) 444-2446

Dawson, Ed
Editor & Publisher
(304) 526-2787


We wants at it again!

Protest over Confederate Flag at an Atlanta Cemetery

See/read this rubbish and comment. HERE

Protest over Confederate Flag at an Atlanta Cemetery:

Contact FOX 5 Reporter
Darryl Carver


Help Educate Asheville C-T Columnist Jason Sandford


Chuck/Pop --

Please encourage everybody in SHNV-land to check out the following inane column from Asheville Citizen-Times writer Jason Sandford -- and then respond to it HERE

The boy (he's local) is hopelessly confused and may have been dropped on his head or exposed to radiation at an early age. He seems to think that "Southern" and "Mountain" are two mutually exclusive things. At any rate, he doesn't want to be tainted by the "Southern" label and thinks Asheville has "outgrown" its Southern-ness. He apparently belongs to that unfortunate class of Southerner who feels that the only proper way to refer to his heritage is either by ridicule or apology. (Note the crack about trailers and Confederate flags.)

Back story: Sandford calls his column "Ashevegas". He apparently thinks this is cute and that it identifies him with the "happening" Asheville of brew pubs, sushi bars, avant-garde theatre, bad poetry and street parties honoring every ethnic group imaginable (except Southerners).

Interestingly, a good many people have objected to the "Ashevegas" title on grounds they consider Las Vegas tawdry, flashy, self-indulgent and shallow, and they resent the comparison. Nevertheless, he keeps right on writing his silliness and the C-T keeps publishing it.

Let's see if we can help straighten the young man out. It's the least we can do.

Roger McCredie


My final email to these folks

Bowdon Area Historical Society

Regarding the 150th anniversary of the creation of Cobbs Legion, Company 'B' Bowdon Volunteers:

I have not heard back from any of the numerous messages I have sent to y'all, and am very curious why not.

It is a solemn yet proud moment in Bowdon's history, and I was so looking forward to y'all's taking the lead in marking this event, as is your mission. I understand it is Confederate History, and some people are ashamed of those roots.

I would just like to report to y'all that on July 27th, 2011 I was over at the BAHS building in hopes y'all had something going on to pay tribute to Bowdon's Confederate Veterans. Sadly though, the gate was locked, noone was around, and there was NOT EVEN A CONFEDERATE FLAG on the pole out back over the graves ! I took a picture of the sadly empty flag pole.

So, beginning at 11:00 am, I marched in my Confederate Uniform carrying a 1st National Confederate Flag - that I had brought for honoring that special day - from the front gate of BAHS thru the BHS parking lot down the sidewalk thru town till I got to the little city park across from Wendys.

I stood there waving to traffic, posed for pictures, and talked many curious passersby. I told them of the historical significance of the date, and got many thumbs up and thanks.

One person actually asked me if some display would be set up at the BAHS or a reenactment in Bowdon, but I told them I doubted it, that I had been sending emails and info to BAHS about it and never got a reply.

I stood there in my wool uniform in the 90 degree heat until my water ran out and left at approx 1:30pm.

Hopefully tomorrow, August 6th, 2011, the BAHS will have some parade entry or programme info to acknowledge the Bowdon Volunteers to the local community.

Thanks and God Bless
Billy Bearden

Contact Bowdon Area Historical Society HERE


The Myth And Legend Of Robert E. Lee

Read it HERE and comment.

One of the comments:

"Given that Robert E Lee had girls as young as 14 years old tortured, while he stood by screaming to "Hit her harder", and given that he sold white looking infants and children (as well as black looking infants and children), Lee was actually a scum sucking pig.

He was no hero, either, militarily. He ran from Richmond like a coward, and snuck away to surrender personally, making sure and taking a lot of time to primp and look just so "cute" when he surrendered.

The real Lee was so drastically different from the myth Lee that we should just start over."
~ Mark

Ever notice how "those people" foam at the mouth without facts or source? PoP