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Southern Heritage Alerts: July 2006


Admonishment Needed, Gary Bledsoe, Texas naacp

Confederate Plaque Fight Starting Again
Story HERE

TX. naacp God Father, Gary Bledsoe
1107 East 11th Street
Austin, Texas 78701
Telephone (512) 322-9547 or (512) 322-9992.
Fax (512) 322-0757.
E-mail HERE

"I think what really upsets folks is the fact that minority people had government do something to help them," ~ Gary Bledsoe

What does a plaque have to do with help? We've been helping them for as long as I can remember...So long they don't even know how to help themselves!...PoP

P.O. Box 490
Austin, TX 78767
News - (512) 469-0630

Texas Website naacp

Time to take down that flag

"Truth is, we fought that war for all the wrong reasons. Many think it was about pride, but it was really about money, an economy dependent on slave labor and a way of life that discriminated against poor whites as much as it did blacks." Story HERE

Ken Burger

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Confederate flag has no place at fair

“I think the flag is a symbol of the most terroristic and oppressive period in the history of black people in America. It brings back memories of the pain and the degradation of our people What’s important about that is what was done, the culture, the civilization that meted out the most brutal punishment of the people you could imagine, and so that is what that flag means to most black Americans ” ~ Ronald Walters, University of Maryland Ronald Walters
Director, African American Leadership Institute
Phone: 301.405.1787
Fax: 301.405.6402

Story HERE

Most terroristic and oppressive period in the history of black people in America
What IS done, the culture, the civilization that IS metering out the most brutal punishment of BLACK people you could imagine.

Must be a type "O"...Surely he meant to say Africa past and present?...Not America??...PoP

Chancellor William E. Kirwan
3300 Metzerott Road, Suite 2C
Adelphi, Maryland 20783
Phone: 301.445.1901
FAX: 301.445.1931

Kathleen M. (Katie) Ryan
Chief of Staff and Secretary to the Board of Regents
Phone: 301.445.1901

General Information
Academy of Leadership
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-7715

Phone: 301.405.6100
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Neil Tickner
University Communications
301.257.0073 (after hours)

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Confederate flag no longer a sign of heritage

Oxford Press, OH
Story HERE


So, anyone who says they wave that flag to honor their southern heritage, or that of their ancestors, is either confused, naive or an idiot — or, more than likely, a combination of all three.

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Publisher: Ann Hoffman


Young Rebel Missing!

Police Searching for 5-Year-Old Girl

Destiny Norton-- 3 1/2 feet tall and about 45 pounds, with brown eyes and blonde hair _ was last seen wearing a long black and gray T-shirt. This dear little five-year-old girl went missing Sunday in Salt Lake City.

If you have seen Destiny or have any information that could lead to her whereabouts, please call the Salt Lake City Police Department at 801-799-3000.

A cash reward has been offered for information leading to a resolution for the case. Please call the TIPS FOR CASH hotline at 801-799-INFO (801-799-4636).

More info HERE

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Let them get their story straight!

Parshall featured founding member of neo-Confederate hate group as guest American history expert Thomas E. Woods Jr. -- a founding member of the neo-Confederate League of the South, classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a "hate group" -- misleadingly cited Thomas Jefferson's advocacy of castrating men caught engaging in acts against nature.Story HERE


Thomas Jefferson to Edmund Pendleton

26 Aug. 1776Papers 1:505

Punishments I know are necessary, and I would provide them, strict and inflexible, but proportioned to the crime. Death might be inflicted for murther and perhaps for treason if you would take out of the description of treason all crimes which are not such in their nature. Rape, buggery &c. punish by castration...."buggery - anal intercourse committed by a man with a man or woman."

The Founders' Constitution
Volume 5, Amendment VIII, Document 9
The University of Chicago Press

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson. Edited by Julian P. Boyd et al. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1950--.

"I say we can not know your suffering, but this we do know; we love and honor you, veterans, and are justly proud of the hertiage you have given us. Just so long as warm blood flows in the veins of man, so long will the words "CONFEDERATE VETERAN" cause that blood to tingle with glorious pride, and , if there be one among us, born in our glorious southland who is not so thrilled, every drop of stagnant blood proclaims him bastard to the south a coward to all the world." ~ Joseph Powell Pippen

Bigotry brings down billboard AGAIN!

Bigotry brings down billboard
By Warner M. Montgomery

Banned sign riles heritage group
Sons of Confederate Veterans to protest removal of billboard near Darlington Raceway

South Carolina Central RR
The Company's business currently is

North American Rail Group conducted through the following subsidiaries:

This company, as with all rail companies receives government subsidies...In other words, we're paying for this discrimination!

Alabama & Gulf Coast Railway (AGR) Kiamichi Railroad (KRR)
Arizona & California Railroad (ARZC) Kyle Railroad Company (KYLE)
Bauxite & Northern Railway (BXNR) Lahaina, Kaanapali & Pacific Railroad(LKP)
California Northern Railroad (CFNR) Massena Terminal Railroad (MSTR)
Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia (CBNS) Michigan Shore Railroad (MS)
Carolina Piedmont (CPDR) Mid-Michigan Railroad (MMRR)
Cascade & Columbia River Railroad (CSCD) Missouri & Northern Arkansas (MNA)
Central Oregon & Pacific (CORP) New England Central Railroad (NECR)
Central Railroad of Indiana (CIND) North Carolina & Virginia RR (NCVA)
Central Railroad of Indianapolis (CERA) Ottawa Valley Railway (OVR)
Chesapeake & Albemarle RR (CARR) Otter Tail Valley Railroad (OTVR)
Chicago, Ft. Wayne & Eastern Railroad (CFER) Point Comfort & Northern Railway (PCNR)
Connecticut Southern (CSO) Rockdale, Sandow & Southern Railroad (RSSR)
Dallas, Garland & Northeastern (DGNO) San Diego & Imperial Valley Railroad (SDIY)
Eastern Alabama Railway (EARY) San Joaquin Valley Railroad (SJVR)
Goderich-Exeter Railway (GEXR) South Carolina Central RR (SCRF)
Grand Rapids Eastern RR (GR) Southern Ontario Railway (SOR)
Huron & Eastern Railway (HESR) Texas Northeastern Railroad (TNER)
Indiana & Ohio Central Railroad (IOCR) Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway (TPW)
Indiana & Ohio Railway (IORY) Ventura County Railroad (VCRR)
Indiana Southern Railroad (ISRR) Virginia Southern Railroad (VSRR)

South Carolina Central Railroad Co.
P.O. Box 490
Hartsville SC 29550
Phone: 843-332-7584
Fax: 843-332-1222

More contact info "Rail American"

Corporate Headquarters
5300 Broken Sound Blvd., NW
Boca Raton, Florida 33487
Phone: 561-994-6015
Toll-Free: 800-211-7245
Fax: 561-994-4629

Board of Directors
We pay these bigots salary
William G. Pagonis
Charles Swinburn
Donald D. Redfearn
Harold R. Curtis
Anne H. McNamara
Ferd. C. Meyer, Jr.
Douglas R. Nichols
Richard Rampell

Confederate Flags Removed

Vendors Remove Confederate Flags From 4-H Fairgrounds

Story HERE

Columbus, IN Forum Make your feeling known:

Contact Info:
Commissioner's Office
440 Third Street • Columbus, IN 47201
Phone 812 379-1515 • Fax 812 379-1797
Contact HERE

Phone area code for below numbers (812)
David Apple (R) 15250 Baseline Rd., Columbus IN 47203 (H) 579-6804 4 yr 12/31/2006 Commissioners
Mike Ferree 732 Smith St. Columbus, IN 47201 (W) 379-1665 4 yr. 12/31/2005 Virtue of Office
Nancy Hoeltke (R) 4100 W. Tannehill Rd., Columbus IN 47201 (H) 526-2449 4 yr 12/31/2007 Co. Council
Thomas R. Hawes (R) 2555 California St., Columbus IN 47201 (H) 372-4865 4 yr 12/31/2007 Circuit Ct. Judge
G. Robert Harden (D) 3700 W 300S., Columbus IN 47201 (H) 342-3413 4 yr 12/31/2007 Circuit Ct. Judge
Jim Mahoney 281 N. Cherry Columbus IN 47201 (H) 376-0891 4 yr. 12/31/2008 Co. Council
Evelyn S. Pence (R) 5640 Goeller Rd., Columbus IN 47201 (H) 342-7423 1 yr. 12/31/2005 Co. Council


Darlene Macy (R) 6611 E. 110 S., Columbus IN 47203 (H) 376-3759 1 yr 12/31/2005 Commissioner
Robert Blessing (D) 2710 Wedgewood, Columbus IN 47203 (H) 372-7453 1 yr 12/31/2005 Commissioner
J. Grant Tucker (R) 330 Franklin St., Columbus IN 47201 (W) 376-0981 1 yr. 12/31/2005 Co. Attorney
Larry Kleinhenz (R) 1302 N. 500W, Columbus IN 47201 (H) 342-2345 4 yr. 12/31/2008 Commissioner
Carl Lienhoop (R) 20434 E. 50 N. Hartsville, IN 47244 (H) 546-5803 4 yr. 12/31/2006 Commissioner
Paul Franke (R) 7303 W. Spray Road, Columbus IN 47201 (H) 342-3831 4 yr. 12/31/2008 Commissioner
Nancy McKinney (R) (Sec) 15601 E. 225 N.,Columbus IN 47203 (W) 379-5320 4 yr. 12/31/2006 Auditor
Hugh Jones (R) 2650 Cedar Ridge Dr. Columbus IN 47203 (H) 379-4488 1 yr. 12/31/2005 Commissioner
Danny Harman 1118 Chestnut St.,Columbus IN 47201 (H) 373-0641 1 yr. 12/31/2005 Commissioner

More contact info:
Indiana Association of Fairs, Festivals and Events
c/o Margaret Boilanger
2376 Steeplechase
Shelbyville, IN 46176-8867
Phone (317) 398-4323
Contact HERE

Bartholomew County 4-H Fairgrounds
Contact HERE


Yet Another Attack on Southern Culture!

Lynyrd Skynyrd

The Confederate flag is the little black cloud that has obscured Lynyrd Skynyrd’s legacy.
Story HERE


Georgia's New York City!

50 Things
We love to hate about Atlanta

"Heritage," hell. Why do so many Georgian's insist on clinging to a banner that represents a shameful episode in our nation's history and reinforces the worst stereotypes of the Old South? Put your money where your mouth is: Either secede from the U.S., or accept the fact that we lost the Civil War and move on."

"We haven't even mentioned the carpet baggers, flaggers and folks who think evolution is a fairy story dreamt up by the ACLU. Georgia is definitely on our mind—and not always in a good way."

Atlanta ain't even part of Georgia, "those people" have destroyed Georgia's Atlanta!!

NOTICE...Selected and written by the SP staff...It took all of them to come up with this crap! ... PoP

The Sunday Paper
404-351-5797 (Main Number)
404-351-2350 (Fax)

J. Patrick Best

Editor in Chief
Conal Byrne


We and our ancestors will be remembered

Raising the Roofs
(WARNING: Adult language)
See this assault HERE

"The resulting clash of cultures is predictable: West Coast liberalism vs. Red State retardation." Bill Gibron...A big city Chi-Town (Chicago) boy transplanted to the tourist trap known as Tampa, Florida. This clown looks much better for playing one of the below.

"They have chosen the Southern white as the focal scapegoat of our time. This in, politics, media, comics, literature, film and television; dealing with religion, race relations, work and lifestyle in defining Southern whites. The Southron which represents faith, country, pride of heritage, hard work, kinship loyalty, traditional values and way of life is being trampled on by "those people" that hate us so.

America's South is losing it's regional distinctiveness by progress, the PC crowd and appeasement of minorities. Society is demoralizing the Southern people through typecasting as stupid, rednecks and hillbilly's. Yet America is destroying a part of itself that should have been left alone, let go, explored and listened to. Because of the guilt and questioning which his/her existence creates in the world of the un-Godly, do-gooders and PCer's. Many Southron feel inadequate and orphaned in their own land!!!

"Those people" preach we should practice tolerance. Well I think we have practiced too much tolerance for too long!!! We have been so tolerant we are losing our past and future! We have let our children become second class citizens in their schools. They have been forced to be ashamed of themselves and their heritage! If we do not correct this, they will grow-up never knowing the truth and our future as a distinct ethnic people is doomed!...We and our ancestors , will be remembered as the redneck hicks Hollywood and others have made us look!"...PoP

Contact; Bill Gibron

Bill Gibron Website
is an international magazine of cultural criticism.

Founder, Editor & Publisher
Contact: Sarah Zupko

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