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Southern Heritage Alerts: April 2008


The Confederates gotta go...

The Confederates gotta go...

It's already happening, in places like Memphis Tenn, Pitt County NC, and 1 city in La I can't recall at this time, to name a few...

Please read the story Joel supplied, then read the following companion stories as background:

" ...that you will not be spending your money in downtown Denton until the issue of the racist statue is destroyed: "

"...Jason C. Waite I and others are prepared with direct action to take the monument down!

Then after you get all good and mad, respond to the imbecile:

Look for this to start happening all around the South.

Joel Coleman
Chattahoochee Guards 1639

Petition seeks to remove Denton Confederate statue
Texas Cable News, Tex.:


The horrible things that they did???

Shades of gray
Caille Millner
Monday, April 14, 2008

"I don't think that those who would believe the Confederacy is something to "celebrate" or take "pride" in are bad people. They simply don't believe that the Confederacy stood for what it actually stood for. And they wouldn't believe that those ancestors they're so proud of really did the horrible things that they did." ~ Caille Millner



South trying to rewrite history

"blatant obfuscation of history as the apologistic drivel that it truly is"

by Andrew Wagner
Friday, April 4, 2008
This idiot's rant can be read HERE

Seems another idiot has crawled from under the rock of yankee wisdom.... PoP