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Southern Heritage Alerts: August 2006


Enemies of Southern Heritage in Midland, Texas

And these people are educators??
Midland ISD may no longer use references to Confederacy
Complaint from one parent that's right, "ONE," prompts board to urge a new fight song and name for yearbook.


Take a look at the enemies of Southern Heritage in Midland, Texas HERE

Superintendent Dr. Robert E. Nicks, as the school district's chief executive officer, works closely with the Board and represents the Administration. He and the Board of Trustees form what we call the "team of eight." Dr. Nicks may be reached HERE

The Board Members are:

James E. Fuller, President (District 1)

Shane D. Boring, Vice President (District 4)

George B. Lara, Sr., Secretary (District 2)

Tommy Bishop, Trustee (District 3)

Linda Foster, Trustee (District 6)

Jay Isaacs, Trustee (District 7)

Karen Nicholson, Trustee (District 5)

Board of Trustees
615 W. Missouri
Midland, Texas 79701


Confederate symbols at Lee to be reviewed


Robert E. Lee Freshman High School
Where the Rebel Tradition Begins??
Or Ends!!??

"I'm here simply as a concerned parent. I can't hide the fact that I'm a black parent. That's why I'm here. My son's face was in this (yearbook). I didn't know the name of the book when I bought it," parent Shay Templeton said. "We support nothing Confederate in our home. It would be remembering a time ... oppressive to the black community." ~ Shay Templeton

Oppressive!!! What the heck about the current oppression toward descendants of Confederates!? I guess they expect us to believe tolerance is a two way street!??...Well it ain't! Intolerance is a one way street for the select few. You must have a permit to travel this street...It's called, the minority and "we wants" permit!
The only people being oppressed in 21 century America, are white Southern Christians!

As for tolerance, I think we have practiced too much tolerance for too long!!! We have been so tolerant we are losing our past and future! ...PoP

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Midland, TX 79705
Midland County
Phone: (432) 689-1250
Fax: (432) 689-1253

District: Midland Independent School District
615 W Missouri Ave
Midland, TX 79701
Midland County
Phone: (432) 689-1000
Fax: (432) 689-1976

Dr. Robert Nicks

Robert E. Lee Freshman High School
1400 E. Oak
Midland, Texas 79705
School Web site

Larry Winget

Assistant Principal
Mark Klumph

Assistant Principal
David Moore


Revealing American history in CSA:

They Won, The Confederate States of America

"One of the main reasons why I wanted to make the film is because the Civil War's still going on in America. There's still many people that want to hold onto the Confederacy as this great concept that had nothing to do with slavery. But if you honestly look at history, and you read books outside of battlefield books, you quickly find out that it was all about slavery."

"So you try to sell them on that idea of, why are you still holding onto this other thing? And I know why they do, because they were raised to believe that's what that was. But they were raised to believe it at the expense of not thinking about my pain."

We need go buy some battlefield books...Seems they speak truth!... And...Just what pain is this "IDIOT" speaking of?...Yes! Mrs. H, there are IDIOTS, no matter how you spell it!... PoP

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