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Southern Heritage Alerts: April 2013


Fighting Brush Fires

"We have been for several years now fighting brush fires
instead of realizing that we are in a war---a cultural cold war with an enemy who wants us dead. Our Confederate heritage is being banished to a dark little forbidden corner of American life labeled "Slavery and Treason." And incidentally, all the vast admirable contributions of Southerners to American history over four centuries are redefined as "American" and not really "Southern."

The people who are after our heritage are not folks we can
win over by presenting historical evidence and assuring them that we are good, loyal Americans free of hate. They could not care less about truth or heritage. In fact, they don't even know what we are talking about when we speak of honoring heritage, that is,respecting our forebears. We are not in an argument over the interpretation of the past. Our very identity as Southerners---today and tomorrow, as well as yesterday---is at stake." ~ Dr. Clyde Wilson

Thanks to:
John Fisher

When are Southron going to say enough and DO SOMETHING!!!
We talk too much and do too little for our Southern heritage! ~ PoP


Stop Censoring History!!!!!

Stop Censoring History and bring back the Confederat Battle Flag and Exhibit to the Capitol.

Target: North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory
Sponsored by: NC Division SCV

Sign the petition:

Contact the Governor:

NM man charged after flying Confederate flag


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