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Southern Heritage Alerts: March 2012


This is NOT your Grandmother's museum!

Click image of queer to enlarge.
Va Flaggers got a sneak peak inside the Museum of the Confederacy at Appomattox while doing some RECON yesterday for Saturday's Flagging of the Grand Opening.

Yes, that is all his/her glory, mocking our colors, and on display inside YOUR Museum of the Confederacy.

Yesterday, Va Flaggers visited the Museum of the Confederacy at Appomattox, and were outraged to discover a highly offensive display featuring a life-sized photo of cross-dresser Ru Paul, wearing a dress with an image of the Confederate Battle Flag. The photo that was secured and sent to other Flaggers was quickly disseminated, reaching all the way to National Sons of Confederate Veterans Leadership by late last evening, who quickly issued a public statement of condemnation, and called its members to action. No such statement, nor request for action, was issued from the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Less than 24 hours later, Mr. Rawls has issued the following statement, and the offensive exhibit has been removed!

“The Museum of the Confederacy has a long tradition of tackling controversial subjects relating to the Confederacy and the American Civil War. At our new location in Appomattox, we have the most comprehensive exhibit on Confederate flags ever mounted. One of the controversies surrounding Confederate flags in popular current culture is the misuse of the flags by groups or individuals. To demonstrate that misuse, we planned on using a large image of RuPaul, a cross-dresser who wore an evening gown styled from the Confederate battle flag in a popular movie in 1995.

On Monday, March 26th, we opened the museum site to the public in a “soft open” which was intended to test the exhibits and equipment before the Grand Opening on the 31st. In the testing phase, we have made several changes to the exhibits. The RuPaul image was mounted on Sunday night, and we have decided that it would not effectively make the point that we intended. As a result, the RuPaul image was removed from the exhibit on Tuesday.”

While we certainly question the thought process that placed this vile image in the Museum of the Confederacy in the first place, and are cautious as to whether we can be assured it will not reappear at a later date, we thank Mr. Rawls for listening to the Va Flaggers, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the Heritage community at large, and promptly removing it.

We now call on Mr. Rawls to listen to us again, honor our Confederate ancestors…and FLY A CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG OR 3RD NATIONAL ON THE GROUNDS OF THE MUSEUM OF THE CONFEDERACY AT APPOMATTOX.
Va Flaggers

When in the hell are YOU people going to wake-up?..... You must get in "these peoples" face and spit and spit again! Kid gloves ain't gonna work with this trash!!!! They spit on YOU and YOUR heritage everyday!!!!

When they piss you off you gotta piss back! PoP

Contact the Scallywag:

S. Waite Rawls III
President & CEO
Museum of the Confederacy
1201 E. Clay St.
Richmond, VA 23219
(804) 649-1861x130


Yet another attack on our flag!

Confederate Flag license plate creates a problem for Delaware employee



As of this writing, officials at the Museum of the Confederacy are still refusing to fly a Confederate flag at the new museum in Appomattox. For the first time, we are hearing WHY, as the press has caught wind of the controversy and questioned Mr.Rawls.

Contact the Scallywag:

S. Waite Rawls III
President & CEO
Museum of the Confederacy
1201 E. Clay St.
Richmond, VA 23219
(804) 649-1861x130

"The confederate flag does not belong in that (exhibit), because the Confederacy never succeeded, nor did it reunify," said Waite Rawls, Executive Director of the Museum of the Confederacy. "The states took their own action."

"Appomattox is a metaphor for the reunification of the country," Rawls said. "To put the Confederate flag into that display would be a historical untruth."

The Virginia Flaggers STRONGLY disagree.

On Saturday, March 31st, the Museum of the Confederacy will open its new site in Appomattox to much fanfare, pomp, and circumstance. There will be re-enactors, vendors, music, and a flag raising ceremony that includes the United States flag, and flags representing the states that sent troops to fight for the Confederacy. There is one thing, however, that will be missing from the grounds of the Museum. Incredibly, there will be NO Confederate flag flying. As descendants of Confederate soldiers who fought and died under her, we find that to be a direct insult to their honor and memory and will not sit idly by and allow this policy to go unchallenged.

The Virginia Flaggers will gather at the Museum, with flags, to stand in peaceful, yet forceful protest of this discriminatory action taken by the Museum of the Confederacy.

We invite all who are willing, to join us. Bring a sack lunch, rain gear, a lawn chair if needed, a Confederate flag, and a heart for standing up for those who can no longer do so.

Join the FaceBook Event Page for more information:

For more information, contact: VA Flagger

Rawls in his statement would have you believe, The Confederacy NEVER existed. If that be the case, does a Confederate Museum need him?... PoP


Confederate Battleflag at the MOC??

Now you see you DON'T!

Susan Frise Hathaway

Contact the Scallywag:

S. Waite Rawls III
President & CEO
Museum of the Confederacy
1201 E. Clay St.
Richmond, VA 23219
(804) 649-1861x130


MOC Update



In an apparent attempt at appeasement, and after a week of overwhelming emails, phone calls, and cancelled memberships, the Museum of the Confederacy is now presenting a proposal to place “images of flags on signs on the front of the building”. Most of us know that museum banners are not permanent, change with exhibits, and most certainly, ARE NOT FLAGS.

They have also begun attacking the Va Flaggers, with petty and misleading statements such as “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the bigger backlash has been from members who are astounded and disappointed that the Flaggers seem to have picked the wrong targets: the Museum of the Confederacy and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. I guess it is a tribute to the fact that the Flaggers have almost 6 months of experience, compared to the combined 240 years of experience of the MOC and the UDC.” (when questioned about the outcry that has been raised).

In all of the pages and pages of copied and pasted responses that have been forwarded to us, they have NEVER answered the direct question: WHY WILL THERE BE NO CONFEDERATE FLAG FLYING ON THE GROUNDS OF THE MUSEUM OF THE CONFEDERACY IN APPOMATTOX?

PLEASE continue to contact the museum. Ask them why there will be no Confederate flag…on a pole…flapping in the breeze…flying on the grounds?!?!? Then keep asking... until you get an answer! Call (804) 649-1861, or leave an email at

Are you MAD enough yet?
Stand…fight…and NEVER back down!
Va Flaggers


Daughters sell off their birthright!!!

If it sleeps with the enemy, acts like enemy,
talks like the enemy.... It IS the enemy!


Well y'all,

Hell has finally froze over!

Today, March 10th, 2012, glaciers have officially replaced flames in Hell.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy National Headquarters in Richmond have become ALLIED with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in their OPPOSITION to the RESTORATION of the BATTLEFLAGS on the CONFEDERATE WAR MEMORIAL CHAPEL.

FIRST the UDC HQ has said to USE A BATTLEFLAG is POLITICAL and they would not SUPPORT any efforts that included using a BATTLEFLAG to help the CHAPEL issue because the 501c3 tax status is MORE IMPORTANT than our ANCESTORS!

TODAY the UDC HQ called the Richmond Police to REMOVE the VIRGINIA FLAGGERS who have been successfully Flagging the VMFA to restore the BATTLEFLAGS for the past 6 months AND LIED TO THE OFFICERS to get them to respond!

I was present at the scene as it happened. The GUILTY are UDC President Martha Van Schaick and UDC Secretary of the Board of Trustees Mrs. Lucy Steele.

TOGETHER, the UDC and the VMFA stand PROUD against the CHAPEL, and against our ANCESTORS! ~ Billy Bearden
UDC President Martha Van Schaick and UDC Secretary of the Board of Trustees Mrs. Lucy Steele, sell out their birthright!!

When the Guardians Embrace Treason, What Then!?

Contact the scallywags'!:

President General
Martha Rogers Van Schaick (Mrs. Edward E., Jr.)
3011 Highway 357
Lyman, SC 29365-9736
Phone: (864)879-4144

Vice President General
Ruth Caviness Allbritton (Mrs. Elwyn)
PO Box 38
Blue Mountain, MS 38610-0038
Phone: (662)685-4907 FAX: 662-538-0003 ATT: Ruth

2nd Vice President General
Faye Whitfield Neville (Mrs. Paul C.)
PO Box 6
Townsville, NC 27584-0006
Phone: (252) 738-2340

3rd Vice President General
Janet Johnson (Mrs. David)
9319 Brunswick Rd.
Millington, TN 38053-4939
Phone: (901) 829-4495

United Daughters of the Confederacy?????!!!!


Bulldoze Confederate Monument

Confederate Monument
Orangeburg, SC

"More recently the NAACP has expanded their efforts and now opposes Confederate symbols in cemeteries and even museums."



Confederate flag as memorial questioned

“It was disturbing to see those flags out there,” Loss said. “It was a delicate situation because you had students mourning the loss of their friend, but they were honoring his memory with a long-standing symbol of hatred and slavery.”

Loss said he viewed the Confederate flags as wearing a swastika in front of Jewish people.

Story HERE

William Loss
Principal, Baraboo High School
101 Second Avenue
Baraboo, WI 53913
608-355-3940, Ext. 2010

No Confederate Flag to Fly at MoC APPOMATTOX!

The Va Flaggers read with great interest the story in the Civil War News regarding the March 31st opening of the Satellite location in Appomattox. We were particularly drawn to the section that read… “After museum officials speak and noted Civil War historian James I. “Bud” Robertson delivers the keynote address, flags will be raised on the Reunification Promenade and the ribbon at the front doors will be cut.”

Interested in which flags would be raised, particularly after the battle flag was removed from the Museum façade last year, we did a quick search. The only thing we could find was the artist’s rendering in the museum’s magazine (above), which showed a large U.S. Flag, and what appears to be state flags in a row behind it.
Correspondence with representatives of the museum confirmed that NO Confederate flag will be flown ANYWHERE on the grounds of the new facility. We then contacted Waite Rawls, Museum Director and asked him to reconsider. He has refused our request and insists that the plan to exclude a Confederate flag has the support of museum members, as well as members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Mr. Rawls' statement to us , "In the past three months, I have personally shown the final plans, including the flag promenade, which we have named the Reunification Promenade, to 7 different camps of the Sons of Confederate Veterans... and one chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy,... where they have met with uniform acclamation and no objection" has proven to be false and/or misleading, in the case of AT LEAST 4 of the 7 camps who have replied to our request for clarification.

We are, frankly, shocked that the Museum of the Confederacy would even consider operating a facility without a Confederate flag flying on its grounds. Is the Museum leadership ashamed of the flag under which over 260,000 Confederate soldiers died? Are they catering to the NAACP, who insists “that it (the Confederate Flag) is something that should be placed in a museum and stay there.”? I would suggest that this is the case and personally find it insulting to the memory of my four Great-Great-Grandfathers who served under her.

The Va Flaggers are calling on all Southerners to rise up and let your voice be heard. Call the Museum of the Confederacy starting Monday morning and tell them how you feel. (804) 649-1861. We have set up an easy portal at, where you can send an email. We ask that you both call and email SEVERAL times a day next week, forward this post, and spread the word far and wide.

It is obvious to us that this most recent assault on our flag shows that the Museum has strayed far from its original spirit:

"The need of an organization to preserve a true and faithful record of the gallant struggle made by the soldiers of the South for independence being keenly felt, the Confederate Memorial Literary Society was chartered and organized under the laws of Virginia, its object being to teach all future generations the true history of the war and the principles for which these soldiers laid down their lives."
[From the first paragraph of the Introduction Page: Catalogue of the Confederate Museum of the Confederate Memorial Literary Society, 1905]

The Va Flaggers are ready to stand in opposition to this policy, the Museum of the Confederacy, and its leadership. We are asking for YOUR help.

Are you MAD enough yet!?

Va Flaggers

Contact the Scallywag:

S. Waite Rawls III
President & CEO
Museum of the Confederacy
1201 E. Clay St.
Richmond, VA 23219
(804) 649-1861x130

Museum of the Confederacy

Appomattox County, Virginia Government
Board of Supervisors

Tell them Appomattox has been removed from your families travel plans if The Confederate flag does not fly at The Museum of the Confederacy.

Jerry N. Small, Chairman (Piney Mountain District)
400 Cedar Lane
Appomattox, VA 24522
Home:(434) 660-3130

Gary W. Tanner, Vice-Chairman (Wreck Island District)
730 Arrowhead Road
Concord, VA 24538
Home:(434) 993-3260
Cell:(434) 382-8830

Samuel E. Carter (Courthouse District)
PO Box 14
307 Morton Lane
Appomattox, VA 24522
Home:(434) 352-8909
Cell:(434) 238-7025

William H. Craft (Appomattox River District)
PO Box 181
371 South Fork Road
Appomattox, VA 24522
Home:(434) 352-2172
Cell:(434) 660-3029

Ronald C. Spiggle (Falling River District)
PO Box 764
Appomattox, VA 24522
Home:(434) 352-5003