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Southern Heritage Alerts: February 2006


Stonewall Street

Remains Stonewall Street!2nd Street becoming Martin Luther King Blvd.

Story HERE
Contacting people can and does work! WELL DONE!

Thanks to all that wrote & called.

Song of Dixie

Remember Miss Duty?

Miss Duty...Did her duty!
Settlement reached in Confederate prom dress suit.
Story HERE


UP-DATE Stonewall Street Battle

Stonewall Street Battle

The City Council of Charlotte, NC is going to bring up (again) at their meeting on Monday the re-naming of Stonewall Street to MLK. The politically correct keep saying that "Stonewall" was not named for General Jackson so they can get around renaming restrictions. We know it clearly was. They even got a map which they claim was from 1855 with the name Stonewall on it. The "PC" bunch says that proves the street was named prior to Jackson being known as Stonewall. The problem however is that this "1855" map as they call it has four streets in downtown Charlotte named for Confederate Officers (Vance, Hill, Moorehead and Stonewall) They just refuse to answer questions about this or to acknowledge that their map is bogus.

We are asking you to contact the city council one more time and tell them to leave the name of STONEWALL STREET just as it is. The names and emails are below.

Send this to all your contacts an ask them to do the same. Thank you for your assistance!

Mayor Pat McCrorie

Members Who Originally Voted to Delay the Vote and Consider Other Sites

Patrick Mumford

Don Lochman

John Lassiter

Nancy Carter

Patsy Kinsey

Warren Turner

Andy Dulin

Members Who Originally Voted To Remove the name “Stonewall Street”

Susan Burgess

Anthony Foxx

James Mitchell

Michael Barnes

Thanks Brock!


UPDATE: Courthouse Confederate statue

Why some say the statue should be removed

"But we hope that we can reason together and come to some resolution of this matter," Hall said. "In other words, the way the we wants want it"!...PoP


SEE, Call to Remove Confederate Statue and contact info HERE

Gettysburg monuments damaged by vandals

Gettysburg National Military Park is looking for information related to the vandalism of civil war monuments on the Gettysburg Battlefield damaged during the night of February 15, 2006 or the early morning hours of February 16, 2006. Vandals pulled the top stone and sculpture off of the 11th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Monument, dedicated on October 8, 1885. The 11 th Massachusetts monument is located on Emmitsburg Road at the intersection of Sickles Avenue. Vandals pulled down the bronze sculpture of a Zouave infantryman from the pedestal of the 114th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Monument, dedicated on July 2, 1886, located at the Sherfy house on Emmitsburg Road. The figure landed on a decorative iron fence that was also damaged.

Vandals also pulled the bronze sculpture of a Civil War Artilleryman from the monument to Smith’s battery, also known as the 4 th New York battery, located on Devil’s Den. The Smith’s battery monument was dedicated July 2, 1888.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the National Park Service at
717/ 334-0909



The Pitt County (NC) Confederate Monument has come under attack from the Rev. Ozie Hall, a "civil rights" activist in Greenville NC. Hall says the monument "gives the appearance of racism and support of the old slave south."

One group's desire to see the Confederate soldier monument removed from the grounds of the Pitt County Courthouse is generating a lot of feedback. Reverend Ozie Hall of Greenville says the statue gives the appearance of racism and support of the old slave south. Pitt County Commissioner Tom Coulson disagrees, saying "removing it serves no purpose beyond slapping at the history of the community."

Hall and his supporters plan to attend the next meeting of the Pitt County Commissioners to ask that the monument be removedon, Monday, 20 February.  The meeting will be held at the Commissioners' Auditorium in the Pitt County Office Building, 1717 West Fifth Street, Greenville NC, at 6PM.

See complete details from WITN-TV below.

Video of the news report is available at:

Please contact the Pitt County Commissioners in support of keeping
the Confederate monument at its current location on the county
courthouse grounds. Contact information follows:

Jimmy Garris
4922 NC Hwy 43 S
Greenville NC 27858
(252) 756-2748

Beth B. Ward
112 Lakewood Dr
Greenville NC 27834
(252) 355-7724

Glenn Bowen
258 Bowen Cir
Ayden NC 28513
(252) 746-7980

Tom Coulson
506 Eleanor St
Greenville NC 27858
(252) 321-2942

David Hammond
209 Fairlane Rd
Greenville NC 27834
(252) 756-9639

Eugene James
5034 NC Hwy 33 W
Tarboro NC 27886
(252) 752-6336

Melvin C. McLawhorn
100 Allendale Dr
Greenville NC 27834
(252) 355-7290

John Minges
101 W. 14th St
Suite 103
Greenville NC 27834
(252) 756-4303

Mark W. Owens Jr.
PO Box 1
Fountain NC 27829
(252) 749-4081

Phone calls and snail mail are received as being more sincere.


Vandalism done to the Confederates Soldier's Memorial

Pictures of the vandalism done to the Confederates Soldier's Memorial in Hanover Park in downtown Brunswick, GA.

The base of the shaft and the writing on it were attacked with bricks and much of the writing was beaten off. The cowardly thugs that did this were hidden from view by the azalea bushes surrounding the monument, these will be removed soon. This damage was done in late Dec. to early Jan. In the photo of the soldier's statue you can see a piece of the brick sticking out that is still laying at his feet...I know that old soldier surely wished he could've kicked it off on to their heads when this happened. As you view the photos you can see that the white spots on the monument and the writing are the chips that have been broken out of the sandstone. This is irreplaceable and as it is sandstone may not be able to be repaired sufficiently.

The photos do not do justice to the injustice this old hero has faced. We are still working on getting the city to do more to protect this monument and are also working on finding a reputable company to give us an estimate of the cost of what ever repairs may be able to be done including cleaning as you can tell is badly needed.

I will do my best to keep you all posted as things progress on this issue. This time we were lucky that they only beat the monument with bricks, next time it may be worse.

While the local ghetto and "hood" encroaches on this monument the old hero continues to stand guard and we will continue to do our utmost to stand picket for his protection.

God save the South. DEO VINDICE
Sam Lyons, Commander SCV Camp #2085

Sam Lyons, Commander
Lt. John M. Allen SCV Camp #2085
Past Comm. SCV Camp #2022
"Coastal Flaggers - Let Georgia Vote!"

"We could not have pursued any other course without dishonour. And sad as the results have been, if it had all to be done over again, we should be compelled to act in precisely the same manner."
~ Gen, Robert E. Lee CSA

Click on images to enlarge...Let them load "large".

Serious Heritage Attack Brunswick, GA


Leesburg's Scallywags

Leesburg Council Stands by Flag Ban!
Story HERE

The public is welcome to attend the meetings. Council meetings can be seen live on Leesburg Government Access Cable Channel 21. Meetings are replayed on Wednesdays at noon.

Contact Mayor and City Council members:
Town of Leesburg, Virginia
25 West Market Street
P.O. Box 88
Leesburg, VA 20178

Phone: (703) 777-2420
Fax: (703) 771-2727
M-F 8:30am - 5:00pm