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Southern Heritage Alerts: June 2011


naacp at it again!

The Macon-Bibb County branch of the NAACP has called for city and county leaders to write letters denouncing the Dodge County Commission’s vote to fly the Confederate flag on the courthouse grounds in Eastman.

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Board of Commissioners

The Dodge County Board of Commissioners
Dodge County
P.O. Box 818
Eastman, Georgia 31023

The Commissioners are as follows:

Dan McCranie
Tel. 478-374-4361
Fax 478-374-8121

District 1
William Howell, Jr.
Tel. 478-374-3335
Fax 478-374-8121

District 2
Terry Niblett
Tel. 478-374-4941
Fax 478-374-8121

District 3
Brian Watkins
Tel. 229-425-9715
Fax 478-374-8121

District 4
Archie Dupree, Sr.
Tel. 478-374-2797
Fax 478-374-8121


Confederate Statue Rebuilding Debate

The marble statue was knocked off its pedestal on West Morehead Street and North Scales Street on May 23 after a van missed a traffic circle and crashed right into it. The driver of the van will be paying for the damage to the state through his insurance.

"Every time I would come back to the city, I would always see the solider. It would remind me of my relatives and my kin people that were hung in trees," said Judy Odds, who is against rebuilding the statue.

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Reidsville City Hall
230 W. Morehead Street, Reidsville, NC 27320
(336) 349-1030 or (336) 349-1035
(336) 342-3649 (fax)

City Counci contact info:

James K. Festerman
Fax: (336) 616-0850

Tom Balsley
Mayor Pro Tem
Fax: (336) 394-4576

Richard B. Johnson
Fax: (336) 342-3106

John H. Henderson
Fax: (336) 634-1205

W. Clark Turner
Fax: (336) 634-0791

George O. Rucker
Fax: (336) 349-2873

Joan M. Zdanski
Fax: (336) 342-6158


Central Georgia chapters of the NAACP want the county to remove the flag from a war memorial.

NAACP protests Ga. county's Confederate flag

Read it HERE & comment.

Where are the chapters of SCV?