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Southern Heritage Alerts: June 2008


NASCAR should ban Confederate flag

"Ban the Confederate flag. Heck, he can even burn it at some dude's infield barbecue for all I care. A hearty meal of pork shoulder, stars and bars would hit the spot." ~ Rob Daniels

Story HERE

rob.daniels (336) 373-7028


Of Extreme Importance!

As you are aware, the Florida Division's giant flag-raising in Tampa
has generated a lot of interest in the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Following the first flag raising, we have received 17 straight days
of national news coverage, including 6 national market radio talk
show interviews, about 12 television reports on local stations and
national TV coverage on ABC, CNN and FOX. ABC News, NY was the
first national media outlet to break the story. Nearly every newspaper
from Miami to Chicago has printed multiple stories on the project.

Even a newspaper in Poland called for an interview. For at least a week,
talk radio shows across the country were weighing in on this issue. We
were recently informed by the media, that the Tampa Flags Across Florida
project will be a major issue in the Presidential Elections, as
candidates will be asked about it when they campaign in Florida.

A reporter for FOX NEWS Miami, named Orlando Salinas came to Tampa
and did a story about the flag, the SCV and the "alleged controversy".
His report was not only fair and balanced, it probably could be described
as "pro-Confederate".

Mr. Salinas is a "Shenandoah Valley" native with sympathies towards our
Cause. His video report included an opening sequence showing African
Americans and SCV members raising our flag in Tampa on Flag Day. It
includes interviews with several African American supporters, including
SCV compatriot Nelson Winbush. Mr. Salinas interviewed both sides of
this issue, but his report questions the common notion that the flag is
simply racist. Salinas made a special effort to report the

Salinas' piece was to have run tonight on FOX NEWS as a special story
on Britt Hume's 6-7pm EST segment. It now appears that FOX management
in New York is afraid to run this story, and intend to let it die.
It seems that TRUTH and FAIRNESS make the producers "uneasy". We were
told that one FOX NEWS director actually insisted that any story had to
paint the flag as "racist".

The Florida Division needs your help. We are asking that each of you and
your friends contact
FOX NEWS NEW YORK and POLITELY ask the following:

Please call FOX NEWS at: (202) 824-6300 (ask the receptionist for the
Producer of the Britt Hume show)
or e-mail them at: and

Please do this as soon as possible. The longer the story is delayed,
the closer it comes to getting killed permanently.



John W. Adams
Co-chmn, Flags Across Florida Program
1st Lt. Cdr. FL Division


"Vandalism of Jefferson Davis sign" Support needed

"Vandalism of Jefferson Davis sign":

I appreciate you getting the word out about this hate-crime, and for plugging the park. We definitely need all the financial assistance we can get, we're a very small band of brothers locally but we need to show the criminals that we're nation-wide! The best way to help is to go to and purchase a Memorial Brick. You can have your name, your Confederate ancestor's name, your SCV Camp, etc., engraved on them, and ALL proceeds go towards securing the park. Bricks can be purchased via mail by printing off an order form from our website or immediately with a credit card where you get to type in exactly what you want on your brick right then and there!

Thank SHNV's and members for the support!

Brent Jacobs
Oregon SCV

Jefferson Davis sign
dumped in Ridgefield creek
RIDGEFIELD, Wash. 6/12/08
A 4-by-8-foot sign that was stolen from the private Jefferson Davis Park near Ridgefield was dumped in a creek.

The sign with the portrait of the Confederate leader was found Wednesday stuck in a log jam.

The quarter-acre park was established 2007 by Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy.
Support the
Jefferson Davis Park

Purchase a Memorial Brick
Order Form:



Click on image

Dear Editor,

On the front page of the June 9th edition of the Tallapoosa Journal is an uncredited photo of the results of an alleged meth-lab bust. Certainly we citizens are much appreciative of the efforts of law enforcement in rounding up criminals and keeping our communities safe, and kudos to the Tallapoosa PD for doing their job.

Unfortunately, those involved in photographing those items obviously displayed very poor judgment by dishonoring our Veterans by, for whatever reason, using an Honorable Symbol as a place mat. Simply putting the Confederate flag that 300,000 men died fighting for and under on the ground to defile it is bad enough, but to contemptuously disrespect that same symbol of our ancestors by placing drug paraphernalia on it is to spit on it. There is absolutely no connection between illicit drugs and Confederate Veteran's Battleflags. United States Law declares Confederate Veterans are United States Veterans, and this takes place just after Memorial Day.

Perhaps the reporter thought it was somehow funny? Maybe the photographer has a leftist agenda? We know there are those in local leadership positions who are actively seeking to phase out the Honorable Banner from our great High School, and this kind of blatant abuse clearly plays to that effort. I would ask why is the photographer unnamed, and what would the public say had the backdrop been the United States Flag instead. Shame on them, and for the Tallapoosa Journal for printing such a disrespectful picture.

As such, I believe the person(s) guilty of dishonoring the Confederate Flag in this manner surely has violated Georgia law, and would strongly encourage the Tallapoosa Police Dept to investigate this most serious issue. Certainly if one media cameraman can be arrested for anti flag activities a few years ago, another can be held to the same standard.


O.C.G.A. § 50-3-9 (2007)

§ 50-3-9. Abuse of federal, state, or Confederate flag unlawful

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to mutilate, deface, defile, or abuse contemptuously the flag of the United States, the flag, coat of arms, or emblem of the State of Georgia, or the flag or emblem of the Confederate States of America by any act whatever.

Thanks and God Bless
Billy Bearden
Mt Zion, Georgia

Contact info for this uncalled for slander!

Thanks Brother Billy!